Dark Utopian, 2015:

Site-specific solo installation for Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, curated by David Diviney

Site-specific wall painting located at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This painting, Deepwater Horizon (BP), wraps an image of the coastline from New York to Nova Scotia around the top of the room, inspired by an idea of sailing from one place to another; a utopian proposal for the artist to live and work with a minimal carbon footprint. The “water” is painted as hard-edge abstraction inspired by dazzle ship camouflage of WWI. Colours are determined by names: Manhattan Blue, Come Sail Away, Less Traveled, Nova White, etc. Two disused rowboats Rafts spoon together in the centre of the room. Wormhole drawings hover above the coloured surface. CD Worm makes an appearance, as a weird pipeline between the wall and floor.

The video component of this exhibition is here